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The first book in English on the ecology of the Caatinga has been released.

In 2003, Inara R. Leal, Marcelo Tabarelli (UFPE) and José Maria Cardoso da Silva published the first book on ecology and conservation of the Caatinga (available free of charge here), which has become a major reference in the area since then. Now in late 2017, the same authors have launched a new book, entirely in English: "Caatinga: The Largest Tropical Dry Forest Region in South America" by the publisher Springer.

The book was edited by two researchers in charge of the PELD / PRONEX project (Marcelo Tabarelli –coordinator - and Inara Leal) who have been doing research for several years in this ecosystem; therefore it could not fail to address the effects of chronic anthropic disturbance in the Caatinga. Sustainable development in the region is another important theme addressed in the book which has been prominent in current scientific and policy discussions.

The book is a great initiative to disseminate internationally the Caatinga region, which has been extremely threatened and received very little attention of research and conservation efforts. In addition to a more classical conservation approach, the book also provides insight into the threats to the socio-economic system in this forest, which is the most densely populated dry tropical forest in the world.

To buy a copy, visit:

- Springer

- Amazon

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