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Pilot project on Caatinga restoration techniques in Catimbau National Park

During the XI Caatinga Conservation Field course, some pilot activities were carried out in order to test ideas for the development of restoration projects in the Caatinga dry forest, particularly in the Catimbau National Park. The project, which is a partnership between professors Felipe Melo (UFPE) and professor Gislene Ganade (UFRN), also has the collaboration of professors Marcelo Tabarelli and Inara Leal, and aims to apply recent scientific findings from the ecology group based in the city of Natal on techniques to increase the survival of transplanted plants for restoration areas in the Caatinga.

The activities carried out also included the participation of Professor Geraldo Wilson Fernandes (UFMG), guest professor of the course, the collaborator Pieter Vranckx and students taking the course. It was an excellent opportunity for students to have the experience of participating in the application of the techniques and discussing this approach.

For more information, visit the website of Professor Gislene Ganade's research group.

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