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CNPq launches series with research on Brazilian ecosystems

On May 22nd, International Biodiversity Day, CNPq launches a series of videos with outstanding research on Brazilian biomes that promotes knowledge, conservation and management of our ecosystems. From the sea to the top of the mountains, from north to south and from east to west of Brazil, these surveys cover all regions of the country, in the most diverse environments (Amazonia, Cerrado, Campos Sulinos, Coral Reefs and Estuarine Environments), and integrate essential themes such as water, climate change, food production, use and valuation of natural resources, traditional communities, fire, forests,

deforestation, conservation and public policies. And the Caatinga is represented through research that has been carried out at the PELD Catimbau. The series consists of 37 videos of a maximum of 3 minutes each, which presents the main research highlights of each biome.

The series arrives at a time when ensuring a healthy environment becomes even more essential. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights how closely human health and the environment are related. Environmental degradation can accelerate problems of health, economy, social relations and human well-being. More than that, the pandemic highlights how science is the solution to the problems we are facing and how we should strengthen and disseminate scientifically-based knowledge.

Watch the first video of the series and get to know the main highlights of the program:

Watch the video about the research conducted at PELD Catimbau

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