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Peld Catimbau researcher talks about current studies on the ecology and conservation of the Caatinga

To celebrate the World Environment Day, Nivea Dias (Cryptogama Laboratory, Botany department / ICBS / UFRRJ) received the PELD researcher Catimbau and prof. from UFPE (University Federal of Pernambuco) Felipe Melo in her program "Pinheiro Nativo", transmitted through her youtube channel. Besides having a lot of music and poetry, several topics related to ecology and conservation of the Caatinga were addressed. During the program, prof. Felipe Melo also had the opportunity to explain the progress of research related to the Nexus approach (i.e. water, energy and food security) and ecological restoration in the Catimbau National Park, with the approaches taken so far and the prospects for the future of the Caatinga dry forest.

To watch the full program, visit the link:

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