Projeto Ecológico de Longa Duração

Sítio Parque Nacional do Catimbau

Arboretum of the noble flora of caatingas and dry forests is created in the National Park of Catimba

An arboretum of the noble flora of Caatingas de Areia and Matas Secas is being planted inside the National Park of Catimbau. The arboretum aims to enrich the flora of the park with noble and rare species of sandy caatingas and dry forests, as well as mesophilic species found in the humid parts of the park. Some of the species are: angicos, barrigudas, cedars, cumarus, embiratanhas, imburanas, jatobás, sucupiras, timbaúvas, among others. As a result, it is expected that, over time, there will be an increase in plant biodiversity in the region.

Photos: David Santos

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